• LP Angled Surface Cajon model LP1433
  • Burled wood playing surface with a wood body and a textured seating surface provides superior bass resonance and enhanced sound
  • The Flamenco sound is produced by internal snare wires
  • The playing surface is attached with adjustable screws
  • 12"W x 12"D at top, 17"D at bottom x 19"H
  • Exotic Takean Tong wood sound board
  • All wood construction
  • Three internal sets of snare wires for extra sensitivity and sound control
  • Textured seating surface
  • Complete and Fully Functional - Ready to play

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Condition Description: EXC - Cajon is in excellent - like new condition. Very clean with minimal signs of use. Complete, original, fully functional, and ready to play out of the box

More Info:

The Latin Percussion LP1433 Angled Cajon produces a beautiful sound while maintaining practical features and maximum seating comfort. Made from composite wood and a special hardwood ply front panel, this tasteful take on the traditional cajon is equipped with an angled front panel to allow you to relax while you play. Loosen the front panel screws to achieve your tonal preference. A special non-slip surface was added to the seat to produce the most comfortable playing experience

Now that the cajon has become extremely popular, LP designers have set their sights on player comfort, specifically the angle of stroke required to play a cajon. The top, of course, is flat and provides a stable seat, but the critical front panel is angled outwards. This allows musicans to easily reach down to play bass tones without having to tilt the cajon. This innovative design promotes longer playing sessions, helps prevent trauma after frequent or long gigs, and also creates a more refined tonal palette.

Recording studios are built in an analogous fashion, substituting angles for parallel walls.The LP Angled Cajon also reduces so-called "standing waves" which creates a wider, more balanced frequency spectrum.This principle may account, in part, for the rich bass, distinct crisp slaps and warm mid-tones prevalent in the cajon.

Timbres are enhanced by specially chosen hardwoods, carefully butted and held in place by adjustable screws. And a nice touch: generous rubber feet “liberate” frequencies from choking, ensuring that resonant lows, which can equal those of a tumba in the right hands, do not transmit into the floor.

For flamenco ensembles, the LP Angled Cajon is fitted with internal resonating wires for a snare drum-like effect.

Easier and more comfortable to play and richer in frequencies, the LP Angled Surface Cajon is another example of LP taking an old idea and tweaking it to perfection

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