• Lyra Clavis Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge
  • Details
    • Output: (1Khz 50 mm/sec) 0.25mv
    • Freq Response: 10Hz - 50 kHz
    • Output Impedance: 2 ohms
    • Load Impedance: <10 - 47k ohms
    • L/R Separation: !kHz > 35db
    • L/R Balance: 1kHz: 1dB
    • Stylus Tip: Line Contact
    • Cantilever: Ceralloy
    • Dynamic Compliance: 12x10 Dyne
    • Static Compliance: N/A
    • VTF: 1.5-1.7gm
    • Mass: 10.5gm
  • Can be used with protective casing or casing can be removed and used naked for maximum resonance. 
  • Milled from single piece of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Linear twin magnets, cantilever directly anchored to main body structure & 6N copper coils.
  • The cantilever is made from Ceraloy, a proprietary aluminum alloy with a ceramic component mixed in.
  • For the coils we chose PC­OCC, large-crystal copper wire, which is the purest and most advanced copper material known today.
  • The diamond tip is an extremely well polished Ogura Jewel PA line-contact with the smallest (60 mikron) square shank availlable.
  • Rare and Legendary Cart one of the best sounding high-end audiophile carts ever created, sounds unbelievable

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Condition Description: EXC - Lyra Clavis cartridge is in excellent condition, clean with included case and paperwork. Original diamond-tipped stylus showing no visible damages. Still works perfectly with low use hours, minimal wear.

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