• Pearl "Tempro" Bass Drum
  • 20" Diameter by 14" deep
  • Original Red Sparkle (Glass Glitter) Wrap
  • Tempro - Pearl Stencil Brand 
  • 3-Ply Lauan with Solid 1-Ply Re-Rings + center Re-Ring
  • Natural Lauan Interior
  • Disappearing Spur Mounts + Spurs
  • Heads: 20": Original Tempro Logo Resonant by Remo Sound Master, Remo Sound Master Batter
  • 6x Slingerland Stage Band Style with Sound King style Center Lugs

US Shipping is $65

International Airmail is $295

Canada is $195, Australia $345

Condition Description: EXC - Bass Drum is in excellent condition. Complete, original, and fully functional with original Red sparkle wrap with no cracks or damages, all origin chrome hardware with minimal wear or signs of use, and clean shell with smooth bearing edges and tight re-rings.

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