• Slingerland Drum Set
  • Bass: 20" Diameter by 14" deep, Toms: 12" x 8", 14" x 14"
  • Matching Original Blue Sparkle (Glass Glitter) Wraps - Early Darker Version with Red Sparkle on the Reverse Side
  • Black/Gold Niles Badge Serial #: 20": 55358, 12" and 14" are pre-badge era
  • Black Ink Date Stamps: 20": Jan 65 and "P", 12": Feb 63, 14": Jan 63 and "P"
  • 3-Ply African Mahogany (Exterior) / Poplar / Maple Bass Drum, 3ply African Mahogany / Poplar / African Mahogany Toms, with Solid 1-Ply Maple Re-Rings on All Drums
  • Natural Wood Interiors
  • Original Slingerland Rail Mount Bass Drum Tom Holder and Diamond Tom Mount Receiver, Floor Tom Legs, and Spurs
  • Includes All Original Black Felt Mufflers
  • Upgrades: Bass: Remo Weather King Coated Resonant Head/Remo Emperor Clear Batter Head, Toms: Evans EC2 Clear Batters and Clear Ambassador Resonant Heads
  • More pics (interiors, plies, individual drums) available upon request

US Shipping is $145

International Airmail is $295

Canada is $235, Australia $465

Condition Description: VG - Drum set is in very good condition. All complete and fully functional. Chrome plated hardware is very clean and shiny with minor wear and signs of use. Hardware is all factory original except the floor tom has an added diamond mount but period correct match to the diamond mount on the 12" tom. Original Blue Sparkle wraps are clean and shiny, no cracks or damages.  Bass inlays are original blue sparkle. Shells are clean with smooth bearing edges except for a couple marks on on side of 12" tom. Structurally sound with no cracks or damages. Re-rings and plies are mostly tight and all drums natural wood interiors interiors. Heads are very good to like new condition, all top of the line. Ready to play out of the box.

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