• Slingerland Bass Drum
  • 22" Diameter x 14" Deep
  • Black/Gold Chicago,IL USA Swirly S Pre-Serial Badge
  • Era: 1950s 
  • Original Blue Sparkle (Glass Glitter) Wrap - Early Dark Blue Version with Red Sparkle Backing
  • Interior has black ink "P-040" and "Sep 12 1958" Date Stamp
  • Radio King Model 
  • 3-Ply African Mahogany / Poplar / African Mahogany Shell with Solid 1-Ply Maple Reinforcement Rings 
  • Natural Wood Interior
  • 10 Sound King Lugs on each side, original Bow-Tie Rods and Claws, Sound King Disappearing Spurs/Mounts, original holes for Rail Mount
  • Upgrades: Evans EQ3 Batter Head, Remo Ebony Series Resonant Head
  • Complete and Fully Functional - Ready to play
  • US Shipping is $95

    International Airmail is $295

    Canada is $195, Australia $365

    Condition Description: VG - Bass drum is in Very Good Condition. The shell is mostly factory original with original slingerland parts except for a missing rail mount exposing 2 holes touching 2 of the original mount holes. These would be fully covered on both sides once the mount is in place. The center mount for a disappearing cymbal arm is a replacement but the hole appears to be factory, or at least professionally done. Shell is structurally sound with clean bearing edges and no cracks or damages in the wood. Wood hoops are replacements both black painted with no inlay channels. Finish is the original Blue Sparkle Wrap, very clean with no cracks or damages and minimal wear or signs of use. Interior is natural mahogany. Chrome hardware is clean and shiny with minor wear and signs of use. Hardware includes original bow-tie tension rods and claws, sound king lugs, and spurs and spur mounts. Heads are in excellent like new condition with lots of life left in them. Ready to play out of the box

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