• Zildjian 20" Ride Cymbal
  • Size: 20 3/16" - Slightly Oversized 20"
  • 2666g - Medium Weight
  • Zildjian 60s Stamp - Avedis Turkish Cymbals Made in USA
  • Original Aged Patina and some very light  Hammering
  • Jazz Sizzle style - 6 Rivet holes
  •  Has 2 small light cracks

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Most USPS International Airmail is $85 for 6-10 day Priority Mail

$75 to Canada, $95 to Australia

condition description: F - Cymbal is in fair  condition with a couple of edge nicks which led to 2 small hair line cracks. 1/2 long towards the bell.  Bell hole is round with no keyholing or cracks. Has 6 Rivet holes, appear evenly spaced and original aged patina  with  pencil eraser size corrosion

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