• 1 Of A Kind Time Capsule Drum Set
  • Bass: 28" Diameter by 14" deep, Toms: 13" x 9", 14" x 12", 16" x 16", Snare: 14" x 7"
  • Factory Matched Drum Set - 100% Original
  • 1944-1945 Aluminum Cloud Badges on Snare and Bass, toms are pre-badge 
  • Legendary Thin 3-Ply African Mahogany / Poplar / African Mahogany Shells w/ 1Ply Maple Re-Rings
  • Shiny Nickel Plated Hardware, "Radio King" Engraved Stamp Brass Stick-Chopper Rim on Snare Drum
  • Incredibly Rare post-30s Era-Rose Marine Pearl, looks more like Ruby Red Marine Pearl - only a handful of drums in this color in existence
  • Wood Tom Hoops with Original Inlays - Consistent with WW2 Metal Restrictions
  • All original Slingerland-Stamped Calf Skin Drum Heads Batter and Resonant side on All Drums except snare batter has plastic head
  • Natural Interiors
  • Double-Pad Mufflers on Snare and Toms
  • Includes Original Period Correct: Floor Tom Cradle, Slingerland Hi-Hat Stand + Bass Pedal, Snare Stand, 4x Clamp-On Spur Mounts, 2x Clamp-On Tom Holders

***Please do not ask us to split up the set. We are not selling the snare drum or any individual drums separately. Also no trade offers. This is a collector's / museum quality find

We ship anywhere in the world. Each drum will be in it's own box, and each box will be fully insured:

US Shipping is $595

International Airmail is $1295

Canada is $895, Australia $1595

Condition Description: M - I don't think I've ever described a vintage item as Mint before. This is a truly breath-taking find. Here's the story: Found in Washington Attic in original cases. Ordered by someone who apparently was drafter or enlisted in WWII and never came back. Set acquired untouched from soldier's daughter. There are a couple light marks where bass pedal attaches. Bass batter head has could light marks but rest of Slingerland-stamped heads look unplayed. Wraps and nickel are shiny to an extent not possible unless in time capsule cases for 70+ years. No cracks or damages in shells, wraps, or calf heads. No extra holes or modifications. Wraps are original, badges untampered with. 

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